Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pierre Verger

...French photographer who ended up living in Bahia for the last fifty years of his life, travelling intensively to Africa, exploring the relationship between candomblé in Bahia and voodoo in Bénin (basically it's the same thing).
He took some of the best capoeira photos in the forties showing how it was before it became organized by the different academies (Pastinha, Bimba etc)
Check out the Fundaçao Pierre Verger's webiste, it's full of hidden gems.

here is some of his photographic work put in video

Here is a great little film that he seemingly produced about carnival in the forties based on a series of photos that he took in Rio in 1941, Pernambuco 1947 and Bahia in 1948

it's in French, hit me up if you want more info ...:)

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