Sunday, 28 June 2009


Michael Jackson has passed away and let us pay tribute to "one of us ": an amazing artist, admired from all over the world. In Brazil, a country that has its own very strong music industry, his fame hit in the eighties when everyone just went crazy about his dance moves.

He shot this video in Brazil in 1996 in the favella City of God (Cidade de Deus) and in the Pelourinho, the historical centre of Salvador Bahia, with the group Olodum. That's when when Katia Lund, who was the producer for the Rio shoot, first became acquainted with the favella, which then inspired her to produce the oscar winning film "City of God", one of the greatest Brazilian box office hits (that's right!!)

This is just an example of how strong his legacy will carry on in the world and how greatly he will be missed.

My own fave MJ moments... was after the capoeira class on Monday nights, we went to our usual pub on Brixton's high street with the locals (unfortunately now replaced by a posher pub) just in time to catch the results of the MJ trial broadcast live. When he was found non guilty, everyone broke into an applause and cheered.

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